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I'm not just your photographer, I'm your story teller. Like any journalist would do, I get to know my subjects before I start my projects. Your wedding, your engagement/anniversary session... those are the stories I need to tell. The important pieces come from getting to know you beyond how you met. I want to know your favorite colors, what coffee you guys had on your first date (because everyone gets coffee on a first date, right?!) and what your first inside joke was. 

Before I book any couple, we have to meet. We have to see if we can get along because I am the one wedding vendor you will see a lot before hand and be with you for every single moment of your wedding day. Brittany Renee couples are fun loving, laid back and are drawn to tastefully ethereal art. Let's start!...

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I can't wait to hear more about you two! Thank you so much for giving me some ground information. Telling stories is paramount in authentic, memorable wedding photography. There's taking good photos, and then there's capturing your very unique story in a beautiful ethereal and romantic way. 

If you need to get a hold of me the day we meet, don't hesitate to reach out: 571.499.0529 Looking forward to our chat over coffee or tea ;)