Nicole + Alex's Intimate Ashburn Wedding

Apparently I thought I'd been writing blog posts since the fall, but I guess I was writing them in my mind the entire time and never actually on here. OOPS! 

With that, let's start over, okay? In fact, there's some changes coming to Brittany Renee Photography so really the gap was a fantastic way to break things up. I totally did that on purpose.

Nicole, her mom Andie and I met over coffee in Starbucks in Leesburg last December to talk about my wedding collections and what kind of wedding photography Nicole and Alex were looking for. Young, sweet and laid back, Nicole told me all about how she and Alex were all about music. After having just captured the wedding of two opera singers and earlier that spring second shooting during a very musically themed wedding, I knew it was going to be a great wedding and a great couple.

I'm going to be honest with you guys, I was a little nervous meeting Alex on the wedding day as opposed to beforehand. YES I always always have (and will continue) to strongly encourage my couples that they should take full advantage of their engagement sessions especially if one of them are a little on the camera shy side. Luckily, Alex was all game for cheesin' it up and getting everyone to laugh. That boy was on point today! I love it when a groom is able to make his beautiful bride laugh and smile so much. Do you realize how wonderful the photos turn out then?! Anyways, I'll gush on about that later.

Their intimate Christian wedding ceremony began at Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church in Ashburn, Virginia with soft lavender and spring colors. Surrounded by close family and friends, Nicole and Alex received their special present from Pastor Mann, listened to a hilarious joke about a mom giving her daughter advice right before she walks down the aisle... in fact, I have to share:

Pastor Mann told the congregation, "There was a very nervous bride who had a lot of pre-wedding jitters. To help her daughter out, the bride's mom gave her some last minute advice before she was going to walk down the aisle. She told her daughter that she just needed to focus on a few things. Walk down the aisle. Stand at the altar. Marry him. That's all she would have to do. The nervous bride clutched to her father as they walked down the aisle. She began to notice that everyone was giggling after she'd made her way to the altar. Apparently the bride kept muttering her mom's advice loudly enough for all to hear, 'Aisle. Altar. Him.'" 

wedding photographer ashburn

Okay, cheesy joke aside (I thought it was funny!) it was so wonderful to hear an engaging pastor.

One of my FAVORITE moments is watching the groom's face when he first sees his bride. Maybe even that moment juuuuuust before he sees her, when he's preparing himself for the next few seconds. Alex barely saw Nicole as she walked on her father's arm in the lobby, and as he smiled he took a big breath and his eyes fashioned in love as he smiled in awe of Nicole as soon as she stepped in the doorway with her father. Nicole's face was beaming as she met Alex's gaze, and I like to think that it's at that moment that each couple has their first "us" moment. 

Bride walking down the aisle with her father and the groom's first look at his bride in Ashburn, Virginia

After a beautiful ceremony, Nicole and Alex made their way out to be greeted by bubbles! 

bubble exit at Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church in Broadlands, Virginia

What a wonderful surprise it was to see some family members that Nicole and Alex weren't sure would be able to make it. The Wessell/Isom family formal list got a little longer, but their wedding album will be all the happier for it! Also, apparently all my made up words like squich are entirely understood by the amazing bride, Nicole. She knows what's up. 

Bridal party and family formal photos at the altar of Our Savior's Way Lutheran Church in Broadlands

As we had run out of time, Nicole, Alex and I made a break for the quiet garden area on the church grounds. It provided us with just enough shadows and filtered light during the harsh summer late afternoon sun. It was here that Nicole and Alex were able to catch their breath and be alone for just a moment. After a short portrait break, it was time to say goodbye. Hugs and congratulations were bestowed and I sent them on their way to their reception to be greeted by their family and friends.

Red headed bride and groom fine art portraits outside by the trees
Artistic shots of bride and groom, groom's bout, bride and groom walking and a kiss under the bride's veil
Detail shots of the bride's "something blue" ring from grandmother, groom's wedding band and bride's bouquet 
Fine art pictures of groom looking down at his bride smiling, the bride's wedding and engagement rings, and the details on the bride's dress

If you've ever wondered what an intimate collection looks like, here you have it! I realize not every couple wants or needs a photographer for all parts of their wedding day. Maybe getting ready shots aren't your thing, you really aren't interested in photos from your reception, or let's be honest... some couples just don't have the budget for a fine art photographer to be there for 8-10 hours! That's ok! You can still have amazing wedding photos to share for a lifetime and not miss a beat. 

Bride and groom walking toward the church they just married in

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