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July weddings are certain. They're certainly going to be hot. Luckily, when you book at a beautiful venue such as at the Kent Manor Inn in Stevensville, MD, you're sure to get at least some reprieve from the sea's breeze. As soon as you walk into Kent Manor though, you won't really care. The manor itself is exactly what any couple would want in a vintage manor, complete with beautiful authentic wood floors and carefully decorated rooms. The outdoor areas are spacious and their air conditioned reception building is complete with a wall of windows. That's right... a WHOLE wall of windows (cue photographer's doing a happy dance). That way you can watch the amazing sunset over Maryland's eastern shore as you celebrate with your family and friends. 

(Thank you so much to Julie DiCarlo of Julie DiCarlo Photography for having me as her second photographer for this wedding! I met two exceptional women that day, Julie and her assistant Kim, and I am so blessed to know them and can't wait to work with these ladies again!) 

kent manor inn photographers
groom getting ready, groom's hotel door, instructions how to tie a bow tie

I have yet to shoot a wedding where the men don't need some sort of help tying a tie, a bow tie or putting on their boutonnieres. These wise men kept the instructions (top left). 

groomsmen portrait, groomsmen liquor 
groom helping best man with his bow tie

As soon as you opened the door the the guy's room, there was music and there was so much life in the room. Lance took it all in stride while his buddies celebrated around him. He took a moment out to help his best man make sure his bow was on point.

groomsmen sitting on brick steps 
fun candid group shots of groom and his groomsmen
groom showing his ring off to his groomsmen

No one admits that the groom's get super nervous too. Sometimes sitting in a room getting ready can serve as a constant reminder of why you're nervous, so we went outside for some relaxed shots of Lance and his groomsmen. With the comedic help of one of his friend's, the men were laughing and joking in no time. I personally loved the top photo ;)

roses to arbor at outdoor ceremony

Guests were led to their seats by a delicate guide of rose petals. The white arbor provided a beautiful focal point as the blue summer sky became the magnificent backdrop for Jessica and Lance. 

Lance and the groomsmen lined up, dapper and handsome, before walking down the aisle to their places, while Jessica and her bridesmaids came across the sweet little bridge. 

bride walking down aisle, bridesmaids in black and white

Tell me those bridesmaids dresses Jessica picked out aren't totally ON POINT!! Seriously! Those ladies looked amazing in those dresses. 

wide angle shot of bride and groom exchanging vows, detail shot of roses
collage of ceremony shots

A happy marriage starts with the bride having this much fun during her vows :)

bride and groom jumping the broom

I LOVED watching Jessica and Lance incorporate this awesome African tradition of jumping the broom into their ceremony. 

bridal party photos at sunset
cocktail hour at kent manor inn

Cocktail hour gives friends and family an opportunity to reunite or meet during a time of great happiness. 

bride and groom entrance for reception

There was no doubt in my mind, after seeing Jessica's exceptional choices for her decorations and dresses, that they would enter their reception in style and sass. 

It was at this point that my time was up with this fantastic couple, as well as with Julie and Kim. I sadly departed knowing there was a great party ahead for everyone, but, so is the life when you're the second photographer! 

With some hitches along the wedding day, Jessica and Lance took it all in stride. They are a great example to all couple's that you need to realize the most important things about the wedding day: exchanging the vows with your beloved. A few things or many things can go awry, but the most important thing, and only thing that truly matters is that you're there with the love of your life pledging your loyalty, love, and soul to one another. 


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