Digital Dust | Virginia Family Photographer

In a digital age it's hard for any one of us to think outside of obtaining things that are tangible. You can see the revolution of our digital age threatening traditional paper magazines and newspapers as well as books. (This saddens my bibliophile heart greatly!) The convenience that our technology has comfortably created for us has no doubt taken over, but there are just some things our computers and social media can't do for us.

Most mornings our daughter walks into our bedroom, goes to my nightstand and pulls out our wedding album. Pictures she has now viewed a hundred times, she gleefully looks at and points out all the family members she recognizes and when I see she's on a photo that shows a beloved family member she has yet to meet, or may not remember meeting, I like to remind her of them and their importance in our lives. 

My kids aren't going to grab my computer and start looking through our photos. By the time they're allowed to grab our computers to browse, they'll be searching for things on the internet or playing games, not looking through mom and dad's "Wedding Pictures" folder on the desktop. 

Physical dust won't lay on digital photos, so it's harder to see that they're never looked at. Our business is run to preserve family memories from weddings to events to baby's arrival and all those fun family portrait sessions in between the years. 

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Each keepsake photo box allows my client's to preserve their professional quality photos in a safe environment. They're pictures you can take out, touch, and have a conversation over. The photos themselves become conversation starters and bonding moments with our friends and loved ones over special times in our lives. That is a very important aspect that I thrive to provide for each client. This is why there are changes happening to my family and wedding packages because digital dust creeps up on all of us. I don't want the only prints you have to be the Instagram photos you took over the years with your phone. 

When you pay for professional photography, you are paying to preserve moments in time. Don't let that go to waste by having those memories just sitting on a folder in your computer. It isn't old fashioned to have "traditional" prints, it's the entire reason why you hire the talent and time of a professional photographer for your memories.