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I didn't have a blog schedule for today, but this morning a small impromptu session took place at the foot of our stairs. In pajamas. Playing in the shadows and with the beams of light coming into the room from sunrise

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I don't know how many photos I have of him playing with his cars or trains this way, but they don't get old for me. They're always magical. Maybe it's because he is my little boy - my little train conductor or race car driver - but whenever I see these photos of him, I see childhood. Raw childhood; those moments we remember but most of us don't have photos of them. I love me some posed beautiful photos, but I honestly love these types of photos most of my kids, and these are the ones I want on my walls. These are the photos that tell our story.

So with our impromptu session, came the face game! How many faces can you make? :D

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The vast contrast between her faces and her brothers cracks me up. She's so sweet, dainty and careful. Pretty much a little living doll.

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Then you have the little cheese ball here who goes from sweet, sassy, attitude, contemplative and surprised in less than 0.827 seconds.

I worked a lot this weekend, as is the case for wedding season/summer/fall/anytime the weather doesn't suck. So today I'm going to take a few hours off, play with these cherub heads and relish in their sweetness. Maybe we'll get ice cream today...

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Drink every last drop of ice cream. Roll in the dirt. Recharge in the sun. Laugh until our tummy's ache.

Enjoy your Monday!