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By now you've seen the faces of the Buffington family a few times. They're loyal clients who treasure the preservation of their family memories, and what I love about Stephanie is that she actually gets prints of the photos and uses them! You see photos tastefully decorated throughout their home on their walls, on different surfaces, and in albums. Nothing touches a photographer's heart more than seeing photos in print.

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They invited me in a few weeks after their new son was born, Sawyer Buffington, for their in-home lifestyle or documentary styled newborn session.

By now they know me, I know them, and their oldest son, Liam, knows my camera. No matter how well you may know your photographer, inviting them in your own home can seem a little scary. What if they see how messy I am? What if they notice the peanut butter on the wall? Wait, what? You don't have peanut butter on your walls? Okay, well see, that's where you win. I don't care how high your laundry pile is (see my recent post on "Choose Your 3" and you'll see I don't often choose laundry...) because we can make your house look tidy, and dust actually doesn't show up in photos. I also have some magic tricks ;)

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I love using door frames to frame a scene. It reminds me of times when dads are walking by as mom is cuddling or nursing the baby and he gets this beautiful glimpse of his wife with the light from baby's window glowing on her and his new little crew member.

When you see these timeless and priceless photos that authentically capture your day-to-day life with your newest little human, you can't really get anxious about the order of your house. Everything falls perfectly into place, including the messes.

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Sawyer was a champ during his session. In fact, I'm pretty sure he had no idea I was even there, which is all the better! We kept mom, dad and big brother in relaxed but well chosen clothes to keep them comfortable but presentable, shoes off and little Sawyer sported a white onesie with a simple airplane pattern that was befitting for a boy with an awesome nursery decorated in things that go.

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Big brother Liam laid down to read his little brother a story (bottom left). Sawyer was all ears to listen to big brother, and then to daddy (bottom right) as Liam continued his story sitting on daddy's lap as little brother was cradled in dad's arms.

Sessions are always so much more relaxed when mom isn't thrown by a few baby whimpers as seen above. Sawyer didn't particularly like the fact that by this time we had switched him from nursery, to mom and dad's bedroom, to the floor, and now to the window down in the living room. He was telling us, "Hey guys! I'm almost hungry and you're about to remind me of that!" Mama's warm and comforting presence quickly put him back to sleep on her shoulder.

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As mom and I were making our way back upstairs to have Sawyer model his Mally Moc's, we noticed dad with big brother still reading and one of their indoor cats sitting by the window pondering life's newest addition. (Hey, newborns are a life changer for the family pets too!)

But look at the snuggles on mama! Oh my heart! Sawyer's little face just chunks up into all forms of Buddha relaxation and it makes my heart full. By the looks of mama's sweet smile, I think it fills her heart and soul ;)

I hope your heart is warmed from all the snuggly baby photos. I'm not sure who would not be softened by Sawyer's sweet snuggle faces!


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