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Oh my goodness guys. I slacked in writing for so many reasons - good reasons - but I'm popping in to say, "HI! I'm alive and well and want to keep sharing with you!"

After my family and I took a short sabbatical to the Outer Banks for our wedding anniversary, I came back to a slammed schedule. Friday I met adorable baby Kai and from Friday until Monday I was basically never at home because all the sessions were happening. We were also graced with my super awesome father-in-law visiting for the weekend. So the busyness was all positive! I've been dying to share with you though bits from the times I've been shooting.

Aaaa- mazing  set up at 48 Fields in Leesburg, VA

Aaaa-mazing set up at 48 Fields in Leesburg, VA

Late last year I was introduced to this group called The Rising Tide Society. "A rising tide lifts all boats" is their motto and all the groups around the nation gather to lift everyone up; community over competition. It's a beautiful and wonderful thing to be a part of. Clients may not realize how hard it is to be an entrepreneur in a creative industry. When you're your own boss, accountant, designer, writer, photographer, etc., it can be lonely. There are many times when photographers are looking for location ideas for their clients, a new branding designer, or even help with editing a complicated image, and they'll hear crickets from other "support" groups. Some things in the photography world (and I imagine other creative careers) are coveted secrets.

This is where The Rising Tide Society is sooo beautifully different, and thank God for that! Instead of people turning away, you have groups of people turning to you with support and help. Every second Tuesday of the month, groups meet up in local chapters to support, encourage, educate and inspire one another.

We were greeted like royalty - with champagne.

We were greeted like royalty - with champagne.

After a hectic week, I walked into this gorgeous dinner at 48 Fields in Leesburg and was in heaven with all the beauty! There were so many people (see the bottom of this post for credits!) who contributed to make this dinner for us creative entrepreneurs.

I'll be posting more about this dinner over the coming weeks, but for now I had to share with you the magnificent set up we walked into :)