Lifestyle Family Photographer Virginia | Mother's Day is Coming!

It seems that Mother's Day this year is catching a lot of people by surprise. Guys... gals... kids... it's Sunday, May 8th. You have basically a week to get it together before you totally space out that a remarkable holiday to celebrate your mother or mother-like figure is here. I mean, whoever that special person is needs to be remembered.

Before I had kids, Mother's Day meant something totally different. I don't mean that I'm getting to be celebrated, but now I understand where my mom has been coming from; I get why we are celebrating mother's everywhere.

Look at this beautiful mama during her lifestyle newborn session. She's holding her second precious baby and I swear to you each time she would look down at her new bundle of baby, true, pure, actual joy spread across her face in a glow that is literally out of this world. I see it every time in a post-partum mama's face. And fathers' faces, but their post is coming in June, so step aside dads for now.


Now that I'm a mama I understand all the feels that happens when you see your baby, when you hear your baby cry, when you feel they may be under any kind of duress. I get it. Motherhood isn't for the weak. It's a lifelong commitment full of joy, guilt, learning more about true love, worry, and a thousand other things. There's a piece of your soul now walking around on this planet and you suddenly will do whatever you can to love, protect, and teach this precious life.

I love lifestyle sessions, whether it's a lifestyle newborn session or a lifestyle family session. You get to capture the family as they will actually remember their life. It's so much more special (to me) to get to see and give the family the gift of their time captured forever.

We love photographs of our family, there's no doubt about that. If you're anywhere near sentimental, I implore you to schedule a lifestyle session for your family a few times through your life. Document it. The times you held your newborn baby at home. The times you taught your daughter how to make grandma's pie. The moments your son tries so hard to help daddy with the car. Those horribly funny and messy moments of playing outside in the backyard. Those are the memories you'll want to remember.


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