The Chesky Family | Stone Bridge, Manassas Battlefield | Family Photographers Virginia

Family of four walking in sunset golden light among fall leaves

Tonight I had the beautiful pleasure of photographing one of my fellow creative's, Heather Chesky and her family. We chose the stunningly autumn appropriate venue of Stone Bridge of the Manassas Battlefields as our location for their family portraits. Virginia is abundant with colorful autumn leaves.  The scenery is truly picturesque! 

It may seem totally odd, but when her son's began kicking dirt up as they walked throughout our session, I was elated. I asked Heather to let them keep kicking the dirt as they walked. Not only is it authentic to their nature, they're  in fact little boys at play, but do you see that? Look at these beautiful glowing light!

toddler boy playing in leaves at manassas battlefields

A large part of my style is capturing people - of all ages - in their element and in their own moments. I don't mind getting a few traditional "Stand/Sit, Smile, Click" photos for traditional portraits, but when you come to a session with me you're going to find yourself exploring the scenery with your family. Tickle fights, love songs and random quiet dances will ensue. Look at her sweet boy enjoying the leaves falling from dad's arms! 

Mother snuggling toddler boy with sun peeking out behind them

Capturing beautiful moments between mother and child are amongst my favorite. Maybe as a mother myself I'm biased, but I know that feeling snuggling close to your littles, feeling them close to you and needing you to ensure them they're safe.

Family snuggling up for portraits in autumn at Manassas battlefields

My heart soars when I'm allowed to capture families, couples, children, and friends open to each other and have fun. This sweet moment between mom and dad while holding onto their handsome crew is one of my favorites. Treasured tender moments like these are why I love being a documentary styled photographer.