Moonlight at Quattro Goomba | Wedding Photographer Aldie, VA

Even though weddings happen for me every weekend, they never get old. In fact, it's like I'm attending one for the first time every time. 

Today's wedding united the souls and hearts of Jenna and Andrew Tabbey. It's nearing midnight, so I'll have to keep this short until their blog post, but at the end of their evening I saw the heart hanging off the barn in the back of Quattro Goomba and knew we needed to do a silhouette shot. 

Jenna and Andrew... thank you so much for having me! You treated me like a friend, and I truly can't thank you two enough for being so kind hearted. Before you travel to your well deserved honeymoon, here's a quick sneak peek :)


Couple silhouetted by barn at Quattro Goomba in Aldie, Virginia

Safe travels!

Brittany ququattro