Winter Storm Jonas | Virginia Documentary Photographer


Today is day four of surviving winter storm Jonas, or my favorite name, Snowzilla. Scratch that. Snowtastropacolypsmageddon is definitely my favorite (thank you, hubby!) Fairfax, Virginia got hit with approximately 25 inches of snowfall. Our neck of the woods received a bit over that. Quite frankly, when you're shoveling for a few hours, it may as well be 60 inches!


Snow storms get me so excited. Snow in general sends joy down my spine like a child on Christmas morning. I could hardly wait to wake up Saturday to see the accumulation from winter storm Jonas overnight. Part of the excitement is that we're forced to stay home. Don't get me wrong - my husband will be the first to tell you that I cannot stay at home for more than a day without getting horribly antsy. Lots of snow means games over coffee or hot chocolate, snuggling up, sledding down the tiny mountain in the backyard, eating lots of soup and sweets; it means memories are made. Don't worry, there's plenty of laundry to be done, surfaces to be dusted, and crumbs to be swept away. We'll get to those later ;)


Just as everyone else, we were stuck in our neighborhood until today. The neighborhood plow had stopped right in front of our house (and several of our neighbors), so several of the guys took the morning and early afternoon to dig the street out so we could all leave. Even though there were a lot of tense posts on Facebook throughout the storm, it is great to see so many people join together as a team and a community to help each other out. Mama’s needing formula, those who have medical conditions not able to shovel their driveways wake up to a plowed driveway, the hot meals delivered to police officers and others who were working straight through the night, the sense of community wafted through.




Most of us are always looking for a chance to rest, and the blizzard brought us the perfect opportunity. I’m so grateful we didn’t lose power, and gained so much time together. Here’s to many more hot cups, chilly red noses, snowmen with glowstick eyes, and snuggles by a fire.