Autumn Family Portrait Sessions in Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland

The beautiful colors of autumn are rapidly upon us here in northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. Our daughter's pre-school started later than most schools, but now our family is in the full swing of a new school year. This little guy remains home with me while big sis learns lots of cool things, and he's having a hard time accepting that mama leaves his big sister in a strange building. What kind of crazy mother am I? ;-)

Part of our ritual is finding a little treat. Sometimes it's a cake pop, sometimes it's a little juice box from Target as we roam and I let him walk instead of bolstering him to the cart in desperate attempts to keep my mommy sanity. Soon he forgets that his mother abandoned his blissfully-unaware sister for the sake of chocolate and apples.

During this time of year there's always questions from fellow fall fans like, "What is your favorite thing about autumn/fall?" or "What's your favorite pumpkin-spiced item?" Truth is, I literally cannot pick just one thing! That is what makes autumn so magical to me. It's an entire season of entering into a world that changes color, taste, and smell. Your senses are submerged in a jewel-toned world full of pumpkin spice and gorgeous amber leaves. 

What is super exciting for me? Doing the fall family photo sessions. I love having them with my own family, as well as taking them for friends all around the DC metro area. Clients love getting to choose special outfits and colors that enhance their personalities, and receiving these vibrant and magical photos to share with their friends and families during the season and to use as Christmas cards for the coming winter. These sessions are way more than just about the photos for these families; it's also about the time away from the new busyness of school and activities, away from the screens that suck us in, and it's focused time on the family. 

 Coming up soon I'll share some tools and ideas for planning your next autumn family portrait session, from clothes to making sure the kiddo's have a good attitude for your session.