There's always a beginning...

Every blog has a beginning. Most of them start with some rendition of, "Hi, my name is Jibberty Goo and I love pineapple scones." I have no hope that a single welcoming blog entry will adequately describe any person, so let's just let this be the beginning. As you read on through future (or perhaps when you're reading this, current) entries, you'll get to know my family, myself, my photography, and even my clients.


Lifestyle Photography
It's the newest, latest craze in photography. Hire a photographer, like myself, to come to your home for 2-4 hours and they'll document a time period in your home. It's a luxury for sure, but families all around Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland are hiring photographers not just for beautiful family portraits outside, but for the even more beautiful family moments that happen every single day. I love lifestyle documentary photography. I love photographing events that way because they tell a story of what is happening, rather than taking snaps of this person, that thing, or this group of people. There's no emotion and photography should emit emotion and feeling. Photography needs to always be an art.

I'll share with you some totally realistic day-to-day stuff that happens in our home, and you'll see why it's lifestyle photography. Buying these packages is definitely an investment. It's a luxury we afford ourselves so that in 10, 15, 20 years we can hand down these prints to our children and their families and laugh about these times, or look back with all the happiness that it meant to live in a crazy and bizarre time.