Mowgli's Nap | Fairfax Lifestyle Photography | PERSONAL

Capturing the every day is my favorite. It's what I do between jobs, and when there are a lot of jobs sometimes it means I pick up the camera less at home and I find that I crave doing that. My love for lifestyle photography never goes away. Documenting those little things, the memories that will fade all too quickly behind the elaborate memories like vacations and surprises, feels imperative to me. I love when a client hires me to document their day (day in the life, or DITL, photography) and especially their children because I know as much as love them and remember these things now... it's only a matter of time before we forget those little things that keep us going.

Our beautiful son is an intelligent and crazy-wild little 2-year-old. We lovingly dub him as "Mowgli" for his seemingly unstoppable hair growth, his crazy love and bond with animals, and let's be honest here... he doesn't like to wear clothes. Even in northern Virginia in the winter, the boy wants to wear only a diaper.

In between his 482nd fit of the day and the 8th time I've had to tell him not to scatter his toys like a game of ice hockey, there's those moments that make me smile and send warmth to my mama heart. Lately he's been exceptionally cuddly, needing lots of physical attention from daddy and mama, which also means nap time is a little more difficult. In lieu of his crib, he would rather opt for the couch so he can fall asleep to the hustle and bustle of Christmas decorating, big sister playing, and the puppy being as mischievous as he is.

And I stop. I see the window light softly fall on his face, how he has snuggled up the blanket as close as he can to his face, tucked it under his chin, and has fallen asleep against the warm colors of the couch. His blanket quirk has always tickled me, but I don't know if he'll always do that. It's a little enough thing that I may forget. But I won't now. I won't forget how he used to opt to cuddle on the couch because life was just too darn exciting and the soundtrack of life was more of a lullaby than a soft fan.