wedding photographer in Virginia

2015 (c) Hartleigh Jane Photography

Brittany Renée

As a wedding and family photographer in Virginia, I find myself immensely inspired by all of the beautiful scenery Virginia provides. Between the wineries, fields, and beautiful old towns rich with history and architecture, there is no limit to the possibilities for photography.

Before a vacation with my family as a child, my parents handed me some money and gave me permission to buy whatever I wanted before or during the cruise. I used that money to buy my first camera, knowing that it would be unlikely I'd ever visit these places again and I wanted to remember us in these beautiful locations. Many years and a few camera's later, switching from film to digital, I dedicated my own time in learning and understanding photography, all the while maintaining my artistic streak because really art is only ever nurtured by technique and rules, not inhibited. 

From an early age I've always loved and been involved in the arts. As a teen I dedicated myself to pursue a professional career in the arts and succeeded before graduating high school. I'm grateful for the wonderful experiences I had before becoming a wife to a loving husband and mother to two beautiful children.

Having my own wedding and two babies, I understand the importance of capturing these once in a lifetime moments. After a mild fiasco with our own wedding photographer, I dedicated myself to more seriously understanding and learning photography. The birth of our first child reminded me how it important it was for me to be documenting her milestones and our every day life. Moments are meant to be remembered

Photographing life events is my biggest interest, as it's unposed, authentic and real. People are enjoying themselves in the moment and I'm honored to be able to capture moments they're a part of and others they didn't even realize were happening so that later on they can look back to the pictures on their walls and tell those you-had-to-be-there stories.

I feel extremely blessed and grateful each time someone hires me to capture the moments they're having with their family or friends. I look forward to working with you and your loved ones on your next special occasion, whether it's a once in a lifetime moment, or you want to remember this certain time in your lives.